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Collection: Branding

Visual branding to represent you

Nothing is more important to your business than your brand; it’s how you represent yourself to the world. Using custom hand-lettering, illustration, and my extensive knowledge of typography and colors, I design logos and other visual branding that represent your core identity. This visual branding is associated with not only your products and services but also the feelings they evoke within your customers. I bring a sense of fun and creativity to every project, tailoring my style to meet your design and branding needs—whether you’re a big, established business; a small, startup company; or somewhere in between.

8 products
  • Ranch Hand Girl
    Navy blue circle logo with text
  • Charlie & Will
    Handlettered black logo on a white background. The logo says,
  • Macon Periods Easier
    Logo for Macon periods easier. The logo is a red circle with
  • Lectio Diversa
    Logo with text
  • Macon Sense
    Logo of a handlettered design with
  • Circle of Hope
    A circle of shades of pink with white lettering inside. The lettering says
  • 44th and Madison
    Forth Fourth and Madison logo, typography in teal with the Rochester, NY skyline above the type in teal with gold highlights.
  • A Vintage Soul
    A Vintage Soul's hand lettered and hand drawn logo. The typography is a messy cursive and is surrounded by geometric hexagons and a lavender sprig all in black.