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Erin from Mama Hawk Draws holds a 4'x5' cream colored drop cloth with a colorful rainbow painted on top. The rainbow has five stripes of varying color and thickness. From the inside, the first stripe is teal with white dashes accenting it. The second stripe is a thin yellow stripe. The third stripe is 2" green stripe. The fourth stripe is the thickest, about 5", in warm pink with a white squiggle through it. The last stripe is a blueish purple stripe.

Rainbow Drop Cloth: The Maya

Excited to release my first collection of painted drop cloth rainbows! Each piece is made with love in Georgia and handled with care. These unique and contemporary items will add a brilliant pop of color to your home and art collection.

The Maya, inspired by Maya Angelou, measures 5'x4'.

Don’t see one that’s the right size or color for your room? Contact me to talk about a custom rainbow for your room.

Photography by Annie T. Photography