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Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Rainbow Wall Decor for All Ages

A little girl jumping in front of rainbow wall art

If there's one thing that gets me excited about wall murals, it's rainbows. With St. Patrick's Day just around the corner, I have been reflecting on all of the rainbow walls that I've stashed in my art portfolio over the years. From all pink rainbows that soar over bed frames, to bold and bright rainbows that cruise into a kids’ reading nook, rainbow art of all shapes and sizes have brought me joy and endless inspiration. I pulled a few from the archives to illustrate the process of creating a custom rainbow wall decor with me, so you better know what to expect if you want to install some wall art of your own!

Inquiring about Wall Murals

The first step in the process of getting your very own custom rainbow artwork is reaching out on my website! Custom art is all about collaboration, so whether you have a commercial space just begging for an epic 15ft long rainbow arch or you’re looking for a more petite splash of color on an accent wall in a small bedroom, our first step is connecting. Setting up a call or starting an email train is as easy as filling out my inquiry form. Tell me a little bit about yourself and your space. If you have a vision, tell me about it, and if you don’t, that’s okay, too! I’m happy to meet you where you are. 

A play house kids reading nook inside of a child's room with a rainbow painted above the door, and other various painting decorations around, including flowers under the windowsills

The Consultation Process for Rainbow Art

Once I get your email, I do a little happy dance—I love connecting with y’all and dreaming up all the ways we can make a space unique. I start off by sending you my design deck, where I get to tell you about all of the things that Mama Hawk Draws has to offer. My process, pricing, and timeline is all reviewed with you at this point, so you have a clear understanding of where we’re heading.

Next up is the exciting part. What makes custom mural art different from shopping online is that we get to customize every single component of your vision. Do you have a small toddler room that needs some color? Let’s design an arch that perfectly fits across the corner of your space, framing those adorably small bookshelves you bought to create the perfect Montessori vibe. Maybe you have a tricky hallway in your home that really needs an eye for perspective to make sure the colors don’t all run together when you look at it. Perhaps you’re a pediatrician hoping to cheer up your patients when they’re not feeling well, but you’re not sure how to make a wall mural tie into the existing (and necessary) office furniture. During this initial consultation call, we talk about all of your wants, needs, and concerns, so I know all there is to know about creating rainbow wall art for your particular space and personality.

A little girl balancing in front of a rainbow wall mural made up of cotton candy blue and pink

Choosing A Design for Your Rainbow Wall

Move over ROY-G-BIV, Mama Hawk Draws rainbows come in all colors! We may be looking for neutral color pallets that perfectly align with your yoga room’s relaxing vibe, or maybe we’re trying to match the perfect shades of blue and orange to fuel your child’s obsession with a certain favorite TV show involving two Australian dogs and their adorable family adventures. Better yet, maybe you’re pulling the whole family into the process, with each member choosing a color that speaks best to them. As we go through the color pallet process, I’m here to guide you through, using color theory and aesthetics to make sure you’re choosing colors that will last for longer than a season—sustainability is important in mural work!

Once we’ve landed on a color pallet, I’ll play around with a wide variety of styles, shapes, and sizes, to make a unique piece of rainbow artwork that is special to you. No two rainbows are ever the same! We may add a stripe of polka dots that feel authentic to your child’s love of dinosaurs, or scalloped edges that feel sweet and fun. Maybe your rainbow is made up entirely of bubble shapes, like this piece (pictured below) in my past client’s guest room. Whatever may be best for your space, I’ll come up with a few different design options for you to choose from. These design options are mocked up to show what the rainbow wall art will look like in your actual space, to demonstrate scale and help make sure we’re on the same page with the vision. We might do some edits to make it exactly right, but before you know it, we’ve got a plan in place! I’ll send over a contract, outlining our shared vision.

A dark grey wall with hand-painted pink and gold wall art of leaves and stylized rainbows

The Painting Process: Details, Details, Details

Now that we’ve agreed upon a proposal, and have a signed contract, the painting of the wall mural can commence! I do my best to match the paint colors perfectly to your design. At this point you might find me standing in the aisles at the hardware store, comparing every shade of orange I can find to make sure we’ve got it just right. Chalk is then used to outline the wall mural design, ensuring everything is to scale. Once the wall is prepped and ready, I pick up that brush.

Each and every edge gets the special Mama Hawk Draws attention to detail. My signature artist style is to create crisp edges to give that “sticker” look, while maintaining a quirky sense of whimsy and organic quality. I sit on the floor, stand on a ladder, and sometimes even literally bend over backwards to make sure that every single line and edge gets the attention it deserves. Rainbow wall art may give your home an effortlessly chic appearance, but lots of effort goes into making it look professional! I promise to take no shortcuts. 

The Finale: Wall Murals Come to Life

Once we’re done, we step back and jump for joy! We did it! We created a special sense of place within your kids’ room, zen den, or local retail space, that feels so uniquely YOU. It’s such an honor to get to be a part of such an exceptional spot in your spaces. Judy Garland said it best, that “somewhere over the rainbow, bluebirds fly, and the dreams that you dream of, dreams really do come true.” It’s a dream for me to create so many rainbows throughout middle Georgia and beyond. I’ll let my clients tell you themselves how they feel!

Erin was great from start to finish! My daughter loved all the options Erin gave her to choose from and is so proud to have her own Mama Hawk Draws rainbow! It’s beautiful art in itself, but we also love how it’s a backdrop in our photos and memories in her room.
- Abby Noble, Residential Mural Client
Erin brought our vision to life with her work! She is an awesome artist and brought an awesome personality as well! My daughter adored helping her paint and make both long lasting art and memories.
- Kimberly Hampton, Residential Mural Client
Erin took my very rudimentary concept and made it sparkle! I can't wait to collaborate with her again.
- Michelle Garlington, Owner of Camp Interiors


A little girl's room with a rainbow mural painted over the bed frame with yellow, navy, and pink colors

And that’s a wrap on rainbow wall decor! I can’t wait to work with y’all to make your own rainbows. Reach out to me here, and let’s make something colorful together!